Why Wai Ke Botanicals

Wai Ke Botanicals specializes in creating small-batch Chinese external formulations that are supportive to the body's healing processes.  Our salves, liniments, oils and soaks are thoughtfully crafted using traditional formulas and as many organic and wildcrafted herbs as we can source from our suppliers.  

We believe that the quality of what we put on our skin is as important as what goes into our bodies.  The skin is our largest organ.  It's our first line of defense and also reflects the health of our inner landscape; everything we put on our skin ultimately ends up being absorbed and integrating into our system.  Because of this we are deeply committed to using organic and non-gmo oils, waxes and as many organic or wildcrafted herbs as possible to reduce chemical residues and support sustainable farming practices.  

Integrating Our Products in Your Practice

To help visualize how our products fit into an acupuncture practice we created a handbook detailing each of our Chinese medical formulations.  This handbook includes temperature of the formulation, actions, ingredients, and which stage of trauma each is indicated for.

We have also compiled a guide to using salves and liniments effectively in clinical practice.  If you're new to using these products in a clinical setting this is a handy resource to guide you and your patients through different application techniques to improve efficacy of their use outside of the clinic.  

With these resources, our formulations are easy to integrate into treatments and give you the tools to dialogue with your patients and help empower them to continue the healing process at home.


Need a custom formulation or size?

Have a special request for your order or wondering if we can create a formulation specific to your needs?  Want San Huang San mixed in vaseline instead of coconut oil?  We can do that.  Need to place an order for bulk liniment?  We can do that too.  Please send us an e-mail and lets discuss the options!  We can provide you with labels for bulk liniments if you want to bottle the formulations as you're ready to use them.  We can accommodate just about any request and are happy to work with you to help create an experience and formulations to meet your needs.  E-mail us at hello@waikebotanicals.com to open a conversation.

Practitioner Discount

Practitioners enrolled in our practitioner program receive a modest discount on all our products.  To enroll, complete the form below.  A unique code will be generated for you that you can use at checkout to receive your discount on all of our products.

Have you already been using our products and love them?  Please consider leaving feedback and a short testimonial about your experience!  Testimonials are important in helping new clients make informed decisions and hearing about others experiences engages us as a community.  

One of our goals is to help practitioners integrate our products into their practice with confidence and we understand that in order to be competitive we need to meet your financial needs as well as your ethics.  If you also have an apothecary that caters to the larger public and do retail sales, please consider inquiring about our wholesale program.

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Coming soon!

Educational materials in print to help explain topics like gua sha, liniment application, and the stages of trauma to your patients!  These will be available for purchase in print form and as digital downloads in April 2017!!  

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