Chaga + Blue Corn Face Food


Chaga + Blue Corn Face Food

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A deeply revitalizing herbal clay mask + gently exfoliating scrub

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Chaga + Blue Corn Face Food is my absolute favorite - it leaves my skin feeling soft, gently exfoliated, and so healthy!!!!  I have super dry skin and for my skin type this is a very gentle and restorative mask that doesn't leave my skin feeling even more dried out.

This is a unique combination of herbs to deeply nourish and heal the face while deeply cleansing the pores.  Blue cornmeal exfoliates and it is so amazing to gently rub the mask as you rinse it off to get all that great scrubby action!!  

You'll receive a 46mL // 1.6 oz jar of this mask.  I have found that this size will last about 2 months with weekly use.

To use mix a small amount of the mask with an equal amount of liquid.  You can use a favorite hydrosol, aloe vera juice, apple cider vinegar or water.  I like to leave my masks on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing.

Ingredients always organic or wildcrafted:  french green clay, blue cornmeal, chaga mushroom powder, rose powder, calendula powder.


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