SAMPLE // Roots, Resin + Bark Body Oil

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SAMPLE // Roots, Resin + Bark Body Oil


Copal, Palo santo + Lavender body oil for when you need to feel like a woodland sprite

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A creation driven purely by my passion for palo santo + copal, this body oil is absolutely divine.  Palo santo, ground copal resin and lavender buds were infused into ultra hydrating olive + sunflower oils to create this aromatic, cleansing and healing experience.  Copal and Palo santo are two of my favorite burnables, I love using them as incense but they also offer skin healing properties when applied topically.  Copal resin, like many other tree resins, can be used topically to help resolve many skin conditions.  It's considered to be anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial and like other resins can be useful in alleviating muscular aches + pains.  Lavender helps soothe areas of irritation and rehmannia root helps nourish and soften the skin.  This is a very healing blend that smells like a woodland dream.

You will receive a 1/2 oz bottle of body oil to sample.  It's naturally cloudy because of the resin in the oil and you may need to gently shake it before using.

Ingredients always organic or wildcrafted: sunflower oil, copal resin, rehmannia root, palo santo, lavender flowers, essential oils of palo santo, lavender, sandalwood and vetiver.  Infused with quartz crystal energy.


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