Wai Ke Botanicals is committed to crafting high quality liniments, salves, ointments and other creative externally applied medicinals using Chinese and Western herbs to promote healing and vibrant well being.  Our formulations are crafted using the principles of slow medicine and invite you to slow down and participate in mindful self-care.


Formulations for Injury Recovery

We specialize in traditional external formulations for traumatic injuries to aid in recovery and reduce the likelihood of developing chronic pain, or Stage 3 injuries.  Among our preparations are salves, ointments, soft plasters, powders and liniments.  Our botanical offerings are centered around healing stage 1 (acute), stage 2 (in between) or stage 3 (chronic) injuries as well as offering a variety of support during camping, hiking, portage trips, biking, marathons, climbing, martial arts and other strenuous physical activities or activities that require you to be exposed to the environment and all it's glory for long periods of time! 

About Us - A quick hello!

Greetings!  That goofball up there is me!  My name is Gabi and I'm the person behind the botanicals!  I have a huge passion for the natural world and all that's offered by the woods, fields, streams and valleys.  I earned a Masters in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine degree from an amazing + incredibly challenging school in Seattle -- an experience that has forever changed me and solidified my love of herbalism.  I also have extensive experience in organic farming systems include organic flower + vegetable farming, milk goats, and wild-flower cultivation.   Herbalism is and has been an incredible source of inspiration and it is such an amazing dream + pleasure to be offering these botanicals to you.

Formulations for Self-Care

Taking time to honor and nurture our bodies isn't always top priority, most of the time it's way down on the bottom of the list of things to do.  Our self-care formulations remind, encourage, and ask you to make self-care an important part of everyday.  More and more studies are coming out linking high levels of stress to decreased immune function and a multitude of health problems.  Our self-care formulations invite you to take a moment to remember that self-care is an integral part of our health; they ask us to slow down, breath, and just be for a while.  What a lovely invitation.