Stories from our customers!

I broke my foot yesterday, and before I went to bed, I took an ibuprofen and sprayed my foot down with Gabi’s Trauma linament. When I woke up at night, after the pain medication I took had worn off, I still had minimal pain. Now I’m into day two of the injury, and I haven’t had to take any ibuprofen yet. I highly recommend using this linament!
— Nicole
I have been meaning to let you know how much I am enjoying your products! First off, the Flowering Hair Rinse is divine! Shiny pretty hair abound! Love it, love it. Thank you also for the sample of the lip balm, how lovely the tint that comes naturally from the herbs, love it too! And finally, I got the Eagle Claw liniment for [a friend], as she has been having some serious tendonitis issues and she says that it has been remarkable!
— Gretchen
I am so happy to have found these beautifully handcrafted incense. They smell divine and leave my space feeling open and cleansed. The shipping was fast and the packaging was beautiful. You can tell Gabi puts a lot of thought and care into her products. I can’t wait to try her other blends. Thank you!!
— Anonymous
AMAZING! I love this blend [Lavender, Rosemary + Palo Santo Incense]. It brings instant relaxation and leaves a lovely scent. I can feel the love you put into your products from the Eco-friendly packaging, the carefully collected shell, the high quality herbs and resins used, and the artfully labeled containers!
— Anonymous
I am so grateful to have Wai Ke’s products in my acupuncture clinic. Her products are well-researched, responsibly crafted, and high quality. I regularly use many of the salves (i.e. 4 Resin) and the Bi-Gone Oil on my patients for cupping and gua sha. They really help to break up stagnation and patients notice results more quickly. On top of that the herbs in the salves are ground very finely resulting in a smoother application and cleanup. The liniments have also been very effective in treating joint pain and trauma. Whenever I have questions Gabi is always responsive and helpful. I trust her work and I love recommending her products to other practitioners.
— JP Pineda, EAMP, Unicorn Pins and Potions
The Lavender + Copal incense is an amazing blend of earthy, grounding Copal with the bright cleansing lavender. Great pairing!! I wandered around while it burned to make sure the scent reached every corner of my house! The charcoal discs were fun and easy to use
— Katharine
Quality product. Been excellent for old scar tissue in my neck (+appears to have a cumulative healing effect). Shipping was very quick and issue-free to Canada. I really like knowing that the botanicals etc. used are responsibly sourced which isn’t always the case in TCM. Gabi creates special products!
— Anonymous
This is the coolest kit! I love the charcoal disks. They are indeed fun to light. I enjoyed the incense the other day, and plan on enjoying more. I bought 2 kits - one for me, and one for a friend’s birthday. Thank you!
— Anonymous, USA
Your Tendon Lotion worked miracles! My patient injured her Achilles Tendon about 3 months ago, and her doctor suspected it was partially ruptured and would need surgical repair. She was scheduled for a diagnostic ultrasound if the pain did not improve. About 6 weeks ago we began treating it with acupuncture which helped some, but 3 weeks ago she starting using your tendon lotion twice daily, applying it liberally around the painful areas. She reported this week that she is pain-free and her range of motion has returned 90%, so her doctor has cancelled her ultrasound! Thanks so much for making such a great product!!
— Kate Sisson, EAMP, Seattle
When I work, I usually get a pain above my right shoulder blade and I’ve tried everything for it. Imported herbal Chinese medicine from Hong Kong, Icy Hot, Bengay, Salonpas patches, Pamoda Dragon cream, Aleve - this [4 Resin Salve to Alleviate Pain] is the ONLY thing that works in alleviating that pain.

Also, it doesn’t burn, and barely smells. And it has this smooth/slippery consistency to it that feels really nice when applied.
— Anonymous!
I have so much to say about this company, as I am incredibly grateful for the products I received in my custom box.

Before I talk about the products, I want to mention that the service is absolutely incredible. This is a truly beautiful company that I adore to the bottom of my heart. Gabi has a spectacular soul, and creates heavenly products. I feel the love that goes into WKB each time I use them, and I am so appreciative of that.

I ordered a variety of products that I wanted to try out and for the last month, I’ve been experimenting with a few of them.

My personal favorites so far include: the flowering dragon beauty serum, pearl + berry face mask, fresh ink salve, deep resonance salve, and rehmannia nourishing ointment.

Let’s break it down.

The flowering dragon beauty serum is incredible. The consistency, though thick, absorbs into the skin with ease and leaves me with a soft and beautiful canvas. I can’t stop touching my face after using this for a few weeks. I have sensitive/normal skin, and this is great when I need that extra moisture.

The pearl + berry face mask is one of my favorite masks of all time. ALL TIME. My skin has never felt as soft as it does after I do this mask. The first time I used it, I was amazed at the quality and texture of my skin. This is nourishing, refreshing, exfoliating, and rejuvenating. One word to describe this product: Whoa.

I got a new tattoo in March, and needed something to keep it moisturized. I started using this about a week after my tattoo healed, and I’ve experienced great things. It keeps my tat looking fresh and healthy, while protecting it from dryness. I also use it on my hands, knees, and elbows. This is a wonderful all-over salve that works for anything. I’ve even noticed that it makes my nails grow and stay strong.

The Deep Resonance Salve is probably the most luxurious beauty item I own. To start, it smells absolutely amazing. I can’t even place the scent, but it’s beautiful. The consistency is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. It spreads like heaven, and sinks into the skin like a warm hug. I absolutely adore this stuff. I try to use it sparingly, but always reach for it when I’m having a hard day.

I have had quite the experience with the Rehmannia Nourishing Ointment, as it was helpful to me during an allergic reaction. I can’t eat gluten due to an allergy. If I consume a small amount, however, I experience a mild but noticeable reaction. About a week ago, I unintentionally and unknowingly consumed gluten. Rather than my normal allergic reaction that is usually somewhat tamed, my body had a worse response. I broke out in hives along the side of my stomach that were SO itchy. Like nothing I’ve experienced before.

After a few days of torturous irritation, I remembered that I had my Rehmannia Nourishing Ointment. The moment I applied this stuff was the moment I experienced instant relief. The itching, though still present, decreased significantly. It was able to help me get through some of the more difficult days of healing.

This ointment is great for temporary relief, but I try to not use it too much. If I used it all the time, not enough air would get to my hives to promote healing. I found that using it occasionally worked better than using it consistently.

I have many more products that I’m still using, and plan to write about those more in depth for the future.

I highly recommend this company for any all-natural beauty/health needs. It is a beautiful company, and I’m in love with these products.
— Kylee