The liniments created are recipes from sources like "A Tooth from the Tigers Mouth," by Tom Bisio, "Formulas and Strategies" by Dan Bensky, et al, and from classes that I've taken over the last two years.  The herbs for each liniment are coarsely ground then steeped in 40-50% alcohol for a period of at least 3 months before being bottled for use.  Generally, the longer a liniment is allowed to 'stew' the more constituents are extracted and the more potent it becomes.  Once the herbs and alcohol are mixed, the jars are set in a cool, dry place and shaken every day.  This shaking allows for optimal herb-alcohol interaction and balances the Yin and Yang of the botanical.  Liniments are bottled as they are ordered, to continue aging in increasing the potency of the entire brew and ensure that you receive the best product we have available.  

 Salves + Ointments

The salves are created using organic sesame oil and organic beeswax from the Cascade Mountain area.  The herbs for the salves are also coarsely ground and infused in the oil for 2-6 weeks.  After 1 week, the herbs + oil are gently heated, to facilitate extraction, then allowed to continue sitting for the remainder of the time.  Once ready, the herbs are strained from the oil, using cheesecloth which is then composted with the herbs to nourish the soil next year, and mixed with organic beeswax wax from the Cascade mountains.  Any additional oils (vitamin E or essential) are added once the liquid cools a bit so as not to lose the volatile aromatics or more delicate properties.  

Ointments are like salves, except they're not as thick or hard.  They're more like a cross between a salve and lotion.  These are often also formulated with organic sesame oil, but other oils may also be used, depending on the ointment!  Other organic oils like jojoba, avocado, olive, coconut or safflower might also be added to achieve different properties; oils interact with the lipid bilayer of the skin, which is our largest organ!  The ointments crafted are of the highest quality ingredients and combine local herbs and raw products as well as those sourced from other areas of the globe  that have been harvested with care for the surrounding flora and fauna.  The ointments are either packaged in tins with a screw top lid or in amber glass jars.  

Herbal Pillows

Ahhhh.  While these pillows don't follow a strict lineage or tradition, the application of herbs in pillows is age old.  In China, pillows containing cicada shells are often used to help babies sleep at night (cool, right!) and herb sachets are sewn directly into the pillows for nightly use.  Our pillows are sewn from the rolling florals of my personal 'stash' and feature bold + colorful designs..  The pillows are machine sewn and filled with buckwheat hulls that are mixed with a selection of herbs, based on the intention of the pillow (sleep, dreams, relaxation...).  To use the pillows simply place them in your pillowcase under your nightly pillow, or place next to your pillow to enjoy the aroma of the herbs as you fall asleep.

Face Steams

Our face steams are an amazing mixture of Eastern and Western herbs to help reduce and alleviate a variety of skin and complexion issues.  To use mix 1-2 TBS of the herbs with 2-3 cups of water that's been brought to a simmer.  Place your face at a comfortable level over the pot (you can cover your head with a towel, but be aware if you're using a gas stove that the towel NOT touch the burner surface) and allow the steam to rise, open your pores, and infuse your senses for 5-10 minutes.  Our herbal steams can be used weekly to help deeply cleanse, nourish and balance the skin at a cellular level.  The steams can be followed by the application of your favorite toner or hydrosol and one of our face serums or night creams.  

Herbal Hair Rinses

Our herbal hair rinses are formulated to support blood flow to the scalp, help manage dandruff, promote hair health and restore balance + shine.  You can choose between a hair tea or herbal hair vinegars, which can be used as a multiple times a week balancing rinse and as a replacement for conditioner.  We use the finest organic apple cider vinegar and infuse it with herbs that support scalp health, blood circulation and promote shine + volume.  Our vinegar rinse is essential if you're transitioning from liquid shampoo to solid shampoo or shampoo bars to reduce the effects the shift can have on volume and texture..