Orders can be placed either via phone or e-mail.  Every once and a while I get to talk to one of you on the phone, and it is such a sweet way to connect!!  I LOVE answering questions and nerding out about the herbs, so please feel free to be old-school and call to place your order!  Of course, we also accept orders through our secure online store.  All of our orders are shipped within 1-4 days of receiving them.  If you need something before we're able to get it to you through the mail, please consider checking out one of our amazing stockists or ask your favorite stores to carry some of our products!  


Commonly Asked Questions:

➳  When will my order be shipped?  Within 1-4 days of placing it.  We receive orders as they're placed and are usually able to fill them within 1-2 days.  I travel to the post office on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday mornings, so we're able to ship quite frequently to get your order out as soon as possible!

➳  How do I use this product and what can I use it for?  I try to give detailed descriptions in each product bio about how I, we or others have used the formulation and what they found it helpful for.  Due to FDA restrictions I am unable to say that our products treat or cure any condition or ailment.  Rather, I provide you with herbal actions so you can make informed decisions about your health and healing process.

➳  What do I do if my order is damaged?  Oh no!  You've been waiting all week for your package and now this!  While we pack each order with care, accidents do happen.  Please let us know about the damage when you receive your package.  You can send us an e-mail with photo of the damage and we'll get a replacement out to you!!  If you prefer to be refunded, we can certainly accommodate that as well! 

➳  Do you offer a practitioner discount?  Indeed!  Please contact us either through one of our forms or by e-mailing waikebotanicals@gmail.com to learn more about our practitioner discount!  If you're a practitioner currently using our products, we'd love to include you on our Stockist page!

➳  Do you offer quantity discounts?  Why, yes!  We do!  Shoot us an e-mail with what you're looking for and we'll send you our price breakdown for large orders.  Quantity discounts begin with orders over $250.  As of now, I'm not savvy enough on this machine to create a cart that will do this automatically so until then, we'll just have to dialogue!

➳  Where can I find your products?  Please see our list of stockists to find stores near you that carry our products!  We sell online through our online store as well as on Etsy.

➳  I'd like to carry your products in my store.  That's great!  We'd love to talk!  We do provide wholesale discounts to retailers who are interested in carrying our product line.

➳  Can you make [insert product here] for me?  Probably!  If there is a custom salve, liniment, oil or other funky thing you're interested in us creating, please let us know!!  I LOVE custom projects and am excited to work with you to create a product you're excited and passionate about as well.  For custom work, we do require 60% payment prior to creating it.

➳  Do you ship internationally? Why yes!  We can ship most of our products where-ever you are except our liniments.  If these are added to an international order, I'll send you an e-mail and we can talk about other product options!  If you're an international customer, you can also order through our Etsy site, which offers slightly cheaper shipping options overseas!

➳  Want to collaborate?   We love being involved in hand-picked CSA's, curated self care boxes, collaborating with others interested in natural healing and would love to talk if you're interested in blogging about a specific product or being a brand ambassador.  

➳  Are you on Etsy?  We have a presence on Etsy and our shop can be found at https://www.etsy.com/shop/WaiKeBotanicals !  The listings are the same, although sometimes we host specials through the sites separately.  We'd love to connect if you're on Etsy!




Any other questions about ordering or shipping?  E-mail us at waikebotanicals@gmail.com