Herbal Vinegar Hair Rinses

While our hair most certainly is a physical manifestation of our internal health vinegar rinses provide an easy way to help restore and balance the scalp as we make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to re-balance our systems from the inside out.

Raw apple cider vinegar is amazing at restoring the scalps pH, reducing dandruff, countering any fungal issues on the scalp and maintaining overall hair health.  The effects of a good raw apple cider vinegar can be augmented by steeping the vinegar with a mixture of herbs that also have an affinity for the hair and scalp.  Herbs that are particularly healing include: rosemary, nettles, oatstraw, calendula, lemon peel, roses, hibiscus flowers, green tea, peppermint, and marshmallow root (although there are MANY others!!).  

If you get the hankering to make your own, place your desired amount of herbs in a glass jar, cover with high quality organic raw apple cider vinegar and cap.  Vinegar is especially caustic to metal, so cap with a plastic lid if possible!  If you are like us and only have mason jars, you can stick a square of wax paper under the lid to act as a barrier.  Shake the jar and allow to sit for at least a week.  We let our herbal vinegar sit for about a month before straining the herbs out and bottling it.  

If you're going to be using it straight up in the shower when you bottle it transfer it to a plastic bottle.  You can get great plastic bottles with lotion pumps or spray nozzles from Specialty Bottle.  Apply it to your hair and scalp after shampooing and gently rinse out.  Your hair will smell lightly of vinegar while it dries, but the scent will fade when the hair is completely dry.  

We'll look forward to hearing about what herbal combinations you use to create your herbal vinegars and about your experience with them!!  Our hair rinse can be found here if you'd rather purchase a bottle!