DIY Holiday Room + Linen Spray

There's something about this time of year that makes my olfactory senses yearn for the aromas of  the pines and firs!  Maybe it's because even though I'm in my early 30's I have yet to actually bring a holiday tree in the house, which naturally imbues the home with those delicious outdoorsy smells.  So a couple weeks ago, as the weather got increasingly cooler here in Seattle, I found myself craving those smells and crafted this lovely room spray.  We've been applying it to the sofa, linens, linen cupboard, bathroom......seriously everywhere, and I'm feeling in the winter spirit and ready for a holiday!

Below is the recipe I used, combining my favorite woodsy essential oils with a touch of citrus and spice.  It's delicious and seasonal and I love it.  You can of course follow your own olfactory senses and use you sniffer to guide you as you craft your own room spray!

What you'll need:

OK!  Now you're ready!  It's super easy and you'll love how adaptable this recipe is for creating other seasonal spritzes.  First, fill the 4oz bottle with the spring water up to just below the shoulders, or just below where the bottle begins to narrow.  Add your essential oils.  The formulation I used was: pine 7 drops, grapefruit 7 drops, cedar 5 drops, sweet orange 5 drops, clove & cardamom 1 drop each.  Add the vitamin E oil if you're using it, cap the bottle and shake it vigorously!!

Don't forget to make your labels!!  This is the best part!!!  Have fun drawing pictures or creatively writing what's in your spritz.  These make awesome gifts for the self or others and are such a fun way to express your creativity and get to know the aromatic combinations you enjoy better!  You can always tie some fabric, hemp twine or leather lace around the top to make the bottle look more festive and save some wrapping paper!  Have fun being creative -- I'll look forward to hearing any stories or combinations that you come up with and want to share!!