How to light your charcoal discs!

I've been receiving a lot of questions lately about how to light the charcoal discs that come with our incense kits and found this great video from Mountain Rose Herbs that demonstrates the lighting process!!  I'm really excited to share this with you guys and hope that it provides that much needed visual aid!  

The charcoal discs are super easy to light -- I usually hold them by one end and light the other.  They'll spark a bit, as you can see in the video, and then I put it on the shell (which should be on a heat proof surface).  Voila!  Now you can add your loose-herb incense and enjoy the aromas that are released!  

Natural tree resins can be burned for incense using a self-igniting charcoal round and a heat proof surface. These resins have been melted and enjoyed for their aromatherapeutic and spiritual benefits throughout the centuries.

Ru Xiang >> 乳香

Ru xiang, or Boswellia papyifera, is commonly known as frankincense.  The trees that frankincense is harvested from are primarily grown in Somalia and India.  After lancing the trees it takes about 3 months for the hardened resin to fully dry for harvest.  

This herb has the properties of being warm in temperature, acrid and bitter, and is used in many formulas for topical and internal use to invigorate the Blood, promote the movement of Qi, alleviate pain and generate flesh.  Because of it's Blood moving abilities, it is *contraindicated during pregnancy*.  A classic pairing is ru xiang with mo yao, myrrh. 

It is in many of my liniments, salves and ointments to help invigorate the Blood, soften the sinews, alleviate pain, and promote the healing of injuries.  It's also known and widely used to help promote healthy gums and can be found in many natural and Ayurvedic toothpastes and mouthwashes.  Frankincense as an essential oil has an intoxicating, deeply rich and earthy aroma that the 'tears' also possess and is often used as support to the nervous system and adrenals as well as in a carrier oil for topical application to the skin (especially the face).  

Recent studies conducted by researchers from John's Hopkins University point to a correlation between burning frankincense resin and the alleviation of mild symptoms of anxiety and depression; it is one of the main ingredients in my Sacred Space Incense.  There is also ongoing research testing the efficacy of it's use in alleviating joint pain due to arthritis.  I'll be keeping my eyes out for the results of these studies!


This information is for educational purposes only.  It has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not meant to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.